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Google’s Motorola Unexpectedly Withdraws Its Latest ITC Complaint Against Apple


Remember when Google-owned Motorola went on the offensive against Apple a month and a half ago? Well, now they’re backing down. Though it’s not clear why.

Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch:

We have asked Google for a comment about why it withdrew the complaint, but the company isn’t talking about the reasoning behind this move. Here is the brief statement we received from Google: “As we have said many times before, we will continue to vigorously defend our partners.”

Not only is that not an answer to the question, it seems to be an answer to a question not asked. Very strange.

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I remember asking the question: Are we investing in a business model, are we investing in a product or are we investing in Steve Jobs? The answer to the question was, you’re investing in Steve Jobs. Let’s go after this thing. And we went after it, and the rest is history.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson (then Chairman of Cingular) on the early iPhone negotiations. 

Lots of good stuff in Brian X. Chen’s NYT post.

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